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To enhance learning through breakthrough and cutting edge technology. Edupal appreciates that technology has the power to change the face of education and in that light aims to adopt and adapt to the latest technology thus enhancing student learning. Our team is dedicated to finding the best ways to make learning as easy as it can be. We acknowledge learning should be a fun and pleasurable experience. As a pal, we hold your hand in your tuition journey, thus the name Edupal, ensuring you realize your academic goals successfully.


Edupal strives to create knowledgeable and inspired minds, to facilitate in eliminating barriers in students’ distance learning, and to enable students and professionals to take best advantage of the myriad opportunities that technology avails through simplifying their learning experience


Edupal will continue to provide exceptional online education support to students by cultivating their potential and facilatate in realising their dreams of academic excellence. We aim to improve the education experience through innovation and technology. Our mandate is to promote academic excellence and skills development to both professionals and students.


For an exceptional engagement with our students, at Edupal we support the mission of creating inspired minds through servicing by: Providing world class service to our students as well as customized learning for students to directly address their personal needs through mentoring. We engage with students and lectures to ensure that the information provided to them is what they need to succeed in their academic journey. Students are put first, and their needs prioritised. The assistant team having been walked through the same journey is well equipped with knowledge and experience and will always strive to create a positive learning experience for our students. We take accountability and responsibility, of our performance. We will strive to perform reliably and above the expectations of our students. We will be working hand in hand with students to generate new ideas and make continuous improvements such that their educational goals will be met. We strive to keep open communication lines with students so as to understand their perspectives hence include their views in decision making. As Edupal, we strive on creating an environment of inclusiveness, oneness, professionalism, and mutual engagement with our students and professionals. Together we can!